Aquatrade and Industrial Development Corporation

​Aquatrade and Industrial Development Corporation, Philippines is an Onshore & Offshore marine contractor duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1994. The Primary objective of the company is to provide technical expertise in Ports, Harbor and Offshore Engineering works. Our scope of work includes Offshore Oilrig Maintenance, Submarine Cable laying, Pier and Jetty Structural Repair, Corrosion Protection System, Dredging, Installation and Repair of Mooring Facilities.

Since its establishment, Aquatrade has been a partner in the construction of seven (7) Power Plants in the country involving pier & jetty construction, submarine pipe-laying, installation of intake head structure, corrosion protection, demolition, repair and maintenance. Since 1999, the company has been entrusted with the repair and maintenance of the offshore oilrig in the Philippines, located in Western Palawan. The contract involves pipeline leak repair, corrosion protection system and maintenance of mooring facilities. In terms of competence, every project engage in by AQUATRADE is backed by the combine 20 years of technical expertise and experience of its engineers and professional divers. This company takes pride in having taken part in more than 150 major construction, inspection, repair, and maintenance undertakings. This achievement by Aquatrade is unequalled to this day by any other underwater services company in the country.

The management and staff of Aquatrade are committed to the successful fulfillment of the objectives of its client. To keep abreast with advance in marine and underwater works technology, system and procedures, the company maintains liaison with international marine and underwater work contractors and equipment suppliers. Also, put in place is a continuous in-house training program and participation in outside seminars aimed at maintaining the highest level of professionalism and work standard.

We are proud that our company has been chosen by both local and foreign companies to work on their marine and underwater requirements in Philippine projects. (see major projects)

Vission and Mission


Recognized as reliable organization in the Philippines, undertaking Civil and Marine Engineering Work Projects, comparable with Global Standards, under the foundation of fair trade practices along with strong focus on quality service and environmental concern while in the pursuit of long term partnership with is clients in the private sector as well with the government institution.


Aquatrade and Industrial Development Corporation shall provide its client with dedicated and professional services throughout all of its specialized activities and ensures that the appropriate technologies are in place to meet if not exceed the diverse expectation of its clients. Work shall be carried without compromise to Health, Safety and to Environment.

To help out our client achieve the success they desire, we commit ourselves to quality and excellence in our services in which professionalism, competence and integrity are the bench marks of performance providing confidence to internal management and other employees that quality requirements are being fulfilled and that improvement is taking place. To ensure business profitability and growth so that fruits of successful endeavors may be rewarded to all employees of the entire organization.