Marine Facilities & Offshore Works

.Pier & Jetty Rehabilitation & Construction

.Rock & rubble stones Rip-Rapping & Scour Protection

.Mooring buoy & Anchoring System

 .Pier & Jetties Pile Repair

 .Port Dredging & Deepening

 .Submarine cable shore end works

 .Epoxy injection of cracked concrete

 .Underwater CCTV, Video & Still Cameras Survey & Inspection

 .Underwater Welding & Cutting

 .Underwater Intake Discharge Pipe Laying

Marine Vessel

.Remote Operate Vehicle (ROV) Rated to 1000m water depth

 .Deck / Flat Barge 1000 to 2000DWT

 .Tugboat 700HP to 3000HP

 .Service Boat 23 footer Fiber Glass with 40HP outboard motor

Ship Repair & Maintenance Work, In-Water

.CCTV, Video & Still Camera Survey and Inspection

 .Hull and Propeller Cleaning

 .Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging

 .Underwater Repair, Blanking, Welding, & Cutting

Corrosion Protect​ion System

.Cathode Anodes, for Pier Steel Piles & Submarine Pipes

 .Petrolatum Tape, Steel Piles Splash Zone

 .Ultrasonic Testing Gauging (UTG)

 .Corrosion Potential Measurement

Mechanical Maintenance Services


 .Air Pre-Heaters

 .Auxiliary Equipment (RSB, Condenser, etc.)

 .High- and Low-Pressure Piping

 .Valves and Heat Exchanger

 .Rotating Machines

 .Inspection and Repair of Smokestack

 .Installation of Structural Components (columns, trusses, etc.)

 .Sandblasting & Painting